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    On the date of  31 October to 1st November 2018, mid night ,  Late Ram bati was sleeping  was in her  home near the road of Malak pura Tiraha of Village - Chhiriya salempur Police Station- Jalaun District - Jalaun.    

    Some Unknown Accused Murdwered her by Cutted her neck when she was sleeping and picked her death body to next room and putted on the floor and ran away.   On the 1st November 2018 at 6 am her brother in law came to returned after latrine in the field and asked her small son Chhote sahab (14). Chhote Sahab was daily sleeping with her Mother in same room  but on the incident time he could not know regarding that incident, in the morning he wake up and opening his shop but did not awared about the incident of his mother. after asking by his uncle about his mother , he said she is sleeping then after his uncle entered inside to see her and touched her . he saw  Ram bati \'s body was not stiring . after he inform to the daughter of Rambati , the name of daughter  is  Doly. After a some time at 6.45 am dialed to 100 . then 7.30 am 3 police has come on the incident place and started to Investigation. and before 9 am Superintendent of Police Jalaun, District Magistrate Jalaun, Additional Superintendent of Police , Diputy Superintendent of Police has riched on Incident Place and Investigated. After that Forensic team also Visited  on the Incident Place.   

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  • Fact finding date: 18-11-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 18-11-2018



Dalit Girl Rajalakshmi Sexual Abuse and Brutal Murder by Dineshkumar

    Case details is not available
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  • Fact finding date: 29-10-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 07-11-2018


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kidnapped and trafficking Dalit Minor Girl

    approx.6-7 years before Dalit victim Rohtas s/o Shejad caste Badi was send his minor daughter Noorjhana (9-10y) at the house of accused Kushum caste Gujjar under pressure in same village. Accused pressurized to victims that Noorjaha will be work at her home and she will look after his daughter like her daughter. Due to serious poorness victims send her daughter at accused house. After some time accused refused to victims to meet their daughter and threaten. Due to the marriage of elder sister of Noorjaha victims request to accused Kushaum for return back to home Noorjaha for marriage. So Noorjaha came her house for some days.   

    On dated 13.9.2018 victim Noorjaha went to accused house under pressure of accused Kushum from her house.

    On dated 15.9.18 victim Rohtash given a complaint against Kushum to police for rescue their daughter from the accused. After pressure of police accused Kushum threaten to life Noorjaha therefore Noorjaha given statement against her father and brother of sexual harassment. So police lodge a FIR against them and sent to victim in Nariniketan.

    On dated 26.10.18 Victims took to Noorjaha at their house from Narineketan  where she  told to her parents that accused Kushum and her husband took to her at a Hotels Kurushetra on dated 13.9.18.  where accused Kushum trying to sell in many hotels some hotels were refused. At last she was sell to a hotel’s owner Niggi where daily she was raped by another’s persons.


     Noorjaha told her parents that she was forced in trafficking since 6-7 years bu kushum. First she was raped by accused kushum mother’s sister’s son Ombir and Sunder in which Ombir r/o Village kiwana panipat raped to victim regularly after 2-3 days. She was also raped by Azad h/o Kushum, Ex-Sarpanch of village Narayana Panipat many times. Azad took to victim in his car at incident place for sexual harassment. When victim opposed this she was beaten by accused Kushum. Now she is three months pregnant due to trafficking.

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  • Fact finding date: 27-10-2008
  • Date of Case Upload: 02-11-2018

Brutally attack and abused by Caste Name

    Nirmala Devi residing at Thirupur District, Thekkalur Samathuvapuram, Rajivnagar.  She belongs to the Hindu Kuruar Community (Sub Caste of Scheduled Castes).  She is working as a computer faculty in Karumathapatti CSC Computer Center.  On 13.10.2018 after completing her work she returned to her home in her two-wheeler.  When she came near Samathuvapuram Mr. Velusamy and Vinothkumar blocked her and ask where she was coming from and she asked them why they were asking her questions. Suddenly Velusamy and Vinothkumar verbally abused referring to the caste names in derogatory and filthy language. Nirmala Devi had called her father and told about the incident.  A complaint was registered in Avinashi Police Station and the FIR was filed in the incident.


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  • Fact finding date: 20-10-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 01-11-2018


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Dalit Kuppan Brutally attack and murder by upper caste person Loganathan

    Dalit man Kuppan was working in Mr. Loganathan Gounder\'s land for a pay of Rs. 250 (twenty days before the incident). But the amount was not given to Kuppan and he had asked him more than 3 times.

    On 9.10.2018 Loganathan Gounder and his friend Sivakumar Gounder was consuming alcohol and were sitting in their farm. At that time Kuppan had gone there and asked for his pending wage. But Loganathan had verbally abused and told him to move away from the place. But Kuppan had replied that he had money to drink but not for paying the wages. Immediately he stood up and took a bamboo log and brutally attacked kuppan. And also stamped 6 times at Kuppan\'s stomach. Later he got admitted to the hospital and test reports showed that Kuppan\'s intestine was swollen and damaged severely. The next day morning Kuppan\'s died at the government hospital.

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  • Fact finding date: 12-10-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 30-10-2018


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